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Posts tagged ‘Saving Private Ryan’

The Sleeping Voice (2011)
La voz dormida

Directed by: Benito Zambrano

4 stars

1940, Madrid.  In an overcrowded wing in a women’s prison, a nun flanked by prison warders calls out the names of several women who, with varying degrees of terror, gather their belongings and follow the nun to waiting trucks, and then on to the firing squad. Read more

The Incident (2011)

Directed by: Alexander Courtes

2 stars

1989, Washington State.  In an asylum for the dangerously insane, George (Rupert Evans) leads a motley group of cooks who prepare, with varying degrees of care, food for the inmates, which they serve through a small hatch in a large, supposedly unbreakable window.  By night, George and the others are also a wannabe band.  Then, during a torrential storm, the power goes out, and suddenly the inmates are running amok. Read more