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Posts tagged ‘Poland’

Essential Killing (2010)

Directed by: Jerzy Skolimowski

3 stars

Three Americans patrolling across what seems to be the Afghan desert are killed by a confused, frightened (and perhaps unwilling) man (Vincent Gallo) who is then fired on and captured by the patrol’s helicopter support. The temporarily deafened man is processed by his captors (chained, head shaved, dressed in orange) and treated to what are euphemistically known as enhanced interrogation techniques. Read more

Among Us (2011)
Onder Ons

Directed by: Marco van Geffen

2 stars

Ewa (Dagmara Bak) arrives from Poland to work as an au pair for Peter (Guy Clemens) and Ilse (Rifka Lodeizen) and their toddler, Stijn.  Difficult to communicate with, she seems reluctant to go out, and becomes increasingly eccentric in her behaviour, despite making friends with another Polish au pair, Aga (Natalia Rybicka).  Eventually, she is dismissed by Peter and Ilse and returns home. Read more