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Posts tagged ‘Argentina’

The Summit (2017)
La Cordillera

Directed by Santiago Mitre

2 stars

Argentinian President Hernán Blanco (Ricardo Darín) heads to Chile for a summit that aims to establish a Latin American oil producers’ cartel. In a mountain-top hotel, the South American presidents meet, negotiate and conspire. Whose strategy will prevail: feisty, combative Mexico? Brazil – the big beast in the room? Or will it be the unseen, uninvited USA? Read more

Vaquero (2011)

Directed by: Juan Minujín

2 stars

Vaquero is the story of a supporting actor hoping for a break into the big time via a Hollywood western being shot in Argentina.  The film follows Julián as he resents his way through day after day on a film-set, at the theatre, with assorted members of his family or alone in his apartment, where his voiced thoughts give us a glimpse into his violent fantasies.  Eventually, the offer of an audition gives him the prospect of the break he’s been looking for, just a he starts a relationship with a sweet member of the crew on his current movie.  Will he win his spurs and get the girl?  Or can he snatch defeat from the jaws of victory? Read more