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Sleepless Night (2011) 
Nuit Blanche

Directed by: Frédéric Jardin

4 stars

Two armed robbers steal a shipment of cocaine from the men delivering it to night-club owning crime lord José.  One of the robbers is stabbed and, worse for him, is identified as Vincent (Tomer Sisley), a police Lieutenant.  The next afternoon, his son is snatched by José, who wants his coke back.  

The French public, it seems, like their fictional cops dirty, if the success of TV shows like Engrenages (Spiral) is any indicator.  If so, Sleepless Night will not disappoint them, or the rest of us.  

Director Jardin starts in high octane mode, and scarcely lets up for a moment, as Vincent relentlessly battles criminals, cops and crowds in the labyrinthine club.  It’s all just about believable, too, or at least fast enough to mean we don’t have time to think about any plot holes.  A great action thriller.

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